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Ever Wished You Had Greater Influence And Control 
In Your Life? 
Now, You Can Tap Into the NLP Secrets that Even the “Masters” Don’t Know… and Get Exactly What You Want Out of Life!
  • ​ Influence the beliefs, opinions, and actions of others… even if you’ve always felt ignored before! 
  • ​Clear away emotional and mental blocks that are keeping you from going after your dreams full force!
  • ​Take control of social situations quickly and easily… so you can get the result you want!
  • ​Experience unshakable confidence in the face of any challenge! 
Hello Friend (and Soon-to-Be Master of Influence), 

Do you feel like you have complete control of the world around you… and (just as importantly), your “inner world?”

If you’re like a lot of people, you probably answered that question with a solid “no.”

You see, we’re taught from a very early age that we have almost no control over what goes on around us. We’re told that any attempt to influence the people whose actions affect us is “manipulative”… and therefore bad.

And what’s even worse is that when we’re trying to navigate what’s going on inside us, things aren’t much better. When we’re struggling with internal conflict, we’re told to “suck it up.” So we just end up shoving down those feelings of fear, inadequacy, and self-doubt instead of finding productive ways to deal with them.

But life doesn’t have to be like that!

I’m Dr. Steve G. Jones, and as a hypnotist and NLP Trainer with decades of experience, it truly bothers me when I see people – good, honest people just like you – hand over control of their lives without even thinking about it.

In social situations, they often “go with the flow,” which makes them seem agreeable to others… but inside, it’s killing them.

And they’re terrified of going after what they really want out of life, because a lifetime of negative “programming” is standing in their way!

But thankfully, through my training and experience, I’ve been able to equip these people with the simple, proven techniques they need to regain control – inside and out – and start living the fulfilled lives they truly deserve.

And today, I’d love the opportunity to help you unlock the life of your dreams, too:

Introducing: Precision NLP
A take-anywhere audio course designed to unlock the power of influence and control in your life!
In this 10-module audio training series, I’m taking the mystery out of using expert-level NLP skills and techniques to leverage influence in personal, professional and social relationships… and to create the change you deserve in your own life. 

I’ve broken everything down into 20-minute lessons that you can start using immediately to clear out negative internal blocks, overcome resistance and objections when communicating with others, and unlock your true potential for a fulfilled, joyous life.

Let’s take a look at each of these insight-packed modules, shall we?

Module 1 – The Gears that Turn NLP: 
Before we dive into the influence and control techniques we’ll get into later on in this program, we need to look at the underlying factors that make NLP so effective. In this short introductory module, you’ll learn about these factors, and how your understanding of them can make your NLP skills even more powerful! 
Module 2 – Re-building the Self, Part 1: 
Most people who have heard about NLP see it solely as a way to influence others. But it offers potent benefits when it comes to taking control of your “inner world,” too! You’ll learn specific NLP techniques for changing your inner narrative and empowering yourself to achieve your highest goals!
Module 3 – Re-building the Self, Part 2: 
Because creating change from the inside out is such an important part of NLP, we’ve devoted two audio modules to this topic. In Module 3, we’ll continue our journey of internal mastery through NLP!
Module 4 – The NLP Samurai Slice: 
Many people think that influence through NLP takes a lot of time and effort. But the truth is, once you know how to do it, you can cut to the core of a person’s mental and emotional processes almost immediately… giving you leverage before you’ve ever spoken a single word! 
Module 5 – Core NLP Concepts: 
In Module 5, we’ll dig into the fundamental concepts that make NLP such an effective tool for thousands of people just like you! Be sure to be ready to take notes during this module, because you definitely won’t want to miss a single tip! 
Module 6 – Overcoming Personal Limits: 
Virtually everyone creates emotional and mental “roadblocks” throughout their childhood and into early adulthood. As these roadblocks solidify as “part of your personality,” they can seem almost impossible to overcome. But in this module, you’ll discover the NLP strategies that can help you smash through these obstacles… no matter how long they’ve held you back!  
Module 7 – Alpha Level NLP: 
Think of this as Jedi-level training in the art of NLP. In this module, we’re going to uncover strategies and tips you can use to reel in all the benefits you can get out of life… and to have absolute control over any situation! 
Module 8 – The Social Control Playbook, Part 1: 
Influencing others in social situations can feel overwhelming – you’ve got to “think on the fly,” and that scares a lot of people. That’s why I’ve created this 2-module lesson to master social control! 
Module 9 – The Social Control Playbook, Part 2: 
In Module 9, we’ll continue building your NLP skills so you can take charge of any social situation without second-guessing yourself. What you’re really getting here is the exact recipe for unbridled confidence… which is the biggest part of influence!  
Module 10 – The NLP Toolbox (BONUS Tips):
I’ve put together this module as a personal “thank you” for deciding to take charge using NLP. Here, you’ll find a treasure trove of real-world tips that will make NLP even more effective!
$27  $10
Plus... when you order today, I’ll send you a full transcript of all 10 audio modules, so that even if you can’t listen… you can still learn! Feel free to print out the transcript as soon as you get your confirmation email!
Why precision NLP... and Not One of the Many Other NLP Programs Out There?
I’m aware that there are a LOT of people out there promoting NLP programs… and they’re all too eager to promise you the sun, moon, and stars. 

So why will this program help you unlike anything else out there? 
  • I focus on what actually works. I’ve dedicated my career to mastering cutting-edge techniques to help my clients obliterate their limitations and obstacles. So I know which techniques produce the most dramatic results. And that’s what I focus on – no fluff, theories, or wasted time!  
  • ​You can benefit from this program anywhere you have a cell signal or Wi-Fi connection available. I’ve purposely made the audio modules short enough that you can absorb them on your commute, at the gym, or in your home office after the kids have gone to bed. 
  • There’s no set time limit. I know you’re a busy person with lots of obligations… and you can’t just drop them all to dive into a program (even one as powerful as Precision NLP). With this program, you can learn at your own pace… and repeat any of the modules as many times as you like! 
  • ​Experience unshakable confidence in the face of any challenge! 
  • I include real-world examples for everything I teach. Learning theories is fine… but the real power comes from knowing how to apply what you learn to everyday situations. My clients tell me every day how much they appreciate the real-world illustrations I provide. 
  • ​You can “start from zero.” Most courses assume that you already have a high level of NLP knowledge. If you do, that’s great (and you’ll still learn a LOT more in this course)… but if you’ve never attempted to learn NLP before – or you’re not even 100% sure what it is – don’t worry! We’ll start with the fundamentals and build from there.
  •  Precision NLP is FUN! It’s really tough to learn dry, boring material – especially when you have a hundred other things to do. That’s why I take an exciting, empowering approach to teaching NLP – I want you to be absolutely stoked about the possibilities it will open up for you!  
Here’s Just a Sample of What You’ll Learn in This In-Depth, No-Nonsense Training…
II couldn’t possibly list every single insight, science-backed technique, and real-world tip you’ll learn inside Precision NLP… otherwise, you’d be reading this letter for hours (and we both know you have other things to do)!

But I did want to just touch on a few of the potent gems you’re getting when you complete your order today:
  • You’ll discover the truth about the subconscious mind and the role it plays in the choices we make day in and day out. Once you understand this, you’ll find it MUCH easier to integrate targeted NLP techniques to influence behavior. 
  • ​You’ll learn how to unlock the “influence blueprint” of the mind… giving you enormous power to take the actions and hold the beliefs you want! 
  • You’ll see how specific NLP techniques can help you not only influence others… but to make fast and virtually effortless changes in your own behaviors, too!  
  • ​You’ll find out how you can easily use the power of your subconscious mind to eliminate bad habits, negative attitudes, and even harmful addictions… just as though they had never existed!  
  • You’ll get the 4-point strategy for aligning your goals with your NLP training – master this, and there’s nearly NO limit to what you can achieve!  
  • ​You’ll see why NLP is your best interpersonal tool even when you’re not the one doing the talking (HINT: You can learn exactly how someone else’s mind works just by watching them communicate)! 
  •  You’ll learn the 2-step process that makes learning (and reinforcing) a new habit almost effortless!  
  • ​You’ll get the easy way to identify the issues that have been “putting your life on hold”… so that you can start using NLP strategies to resolve these issues (most of the time, they’re not the issues you think)! 
  • You’ll get precise visualizations designed to help you reduce or eliminate fear almost immediately… so you can achieve your goals without being drained by your “internal struggle.”  
  • ​You’ll learn the 2-step listening approach that will let you slice through anyone’s resistance to your viewpoint and suggestions like a samurai slicing through a ripe watermelon!  
  • You’ll see how your own body language can be one of your greatest NLP assets… and how to master it to leverage influence with anyone!  
  • ​You’ll see why the “common sense” approach to communication can actually decrease your influencing power… and how simple, counter-intuitive techniques can instantly amplify your results!  
  • You’ll get proven hacks that will help you break through mental and emotional barriers in minutes… great for when you need to clear away emotional baggage that’s standing in your way! 
  • ​You’ll answer a simple set of self-directed questions that will help you take your NLP skills to an entirely new level… and use them to positively impact every area of your life!  
  • You’re going to learn how your influencing skills can give you the leverage you need in specific situations… so you can be confident of the outcome from the very beginning!  
  • ​And much, MUCH more!  
And Your Investment in Precision NLP is Backed by My No-Questions-Asked Guarantee!
I know that when you dive into the Precision NLP program material just minutes from now, you’re going to be completely hooked. And I also know that once you see how easy these techniques make it to influence others and get what you want out of life, you’re going to wish you’d found this course ages ago!

But I also know that there are a lot of people out there selling courses that are nothing more than feel-good platitudes and empty fluff. And when you pay good money for training that doesn’t teach you anything useful… it’s pretty frustrating!

That’s why I insist on giving you my “no questions asked” guarantee.

Here’s how it works:

Try out Precision NLP for yourself and see how powerful the information really is. And if you don’t agree that this is the easiest way to powerfully influence others and take control of your “inner world” (or if you’re just not thrilled for any reason at all), let me know within 60 days and I’ll refund every penny of your investment! I won’t argue or ask why… I’ll just give your money back and we can part as friends.

That sounds fair, doesn’t it?

Then the only thing left for you is to…
Discover the Raw Influential Power of Precision NLP Today!
You’ve already started envisioning how you’ll use the proven influencing power of NLP to improve your life in your work… your business… your personal relationships… your social relationships… heck, just about every single area of your life! 

Just imagine what it feels like to get others to agree with you (and do what you want) just by using simple linguistic strategies. To others, it seems like magic… but when you’ve mastered the science behind Precision NLP, you’ll know it’s not a mystery at all – it’s a skill you can tap into anytime you want to create massive results!

Click the button below and complete your order today. As soon as you’ve finished the checkout process, we’ll send you an email containing everything you need to access your Precision NLP audios and transcript.

Starting today, you’ll have the NLP tools and insights to influence virtually anyone… any time. You’ll have much greater confidence, and you’ll know that no matter what, you’re the one in control.

Get started just minutes from now with a one-time investment of just…
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